Water Treatment Plant

Sand Filter / Carbon Filter
D. M. Plant
U. V. System
R. O. Plant
Sand filter / Carbon Filter / Water Softner •  Softner is used to remove hardness salts like calcium and magnesium from water
•  Hardness of water get exchange by sodium ions and softened water to commercially zero ppm
•  Sand filter are used for removing solids & turbidity
•  Carbon filter is used for the reduction of excessive free chlorine, odourand to some extent organic matters
•  Available in various size like 50 LPH to 50000 LPH
•  Application – Boiler feed Water, Raw Water, effluent treatment plants etc.
•  Available in FRP and M.S. Vessels

D. M. Plant •  D.M.Plant is used to remove total dissolve solids of water
•  It contains cation, exchanger, anion exchanger and in some cases polishing unit (Mixed Bed)
•  Cation exchanger replaces all the positive ions with (H+) ions from water
•  Anion exchanger replaces all the negative ions with (OH-) ions from water
•  Polishing unit (Mixed Bed) is used to get outlet water TDS less than 1ppm
•  Compact size, custom made design, FRP, M.S. Vessels

U. V. Systems •  U.V. Systems are used to treat certain bacteria like pathogery, coli form bacterial by means of ultra violet lights
•  Germicidal ultraviolet rays used to treat water
•  Virtually all microorganisms get eliminated from water
•  Used in Pharma, food industries and other specific application area
•  Available in various size like 500 LPH to 500000 LPH

R. O. Plant •  R.O. Plant is used to treat highly TDS water up to drinking water
•  It is a separation process that uses pressure on membrane to give rejected water and permeate water.
•  It also removes bacteria and virus resulting in good quality of water outlet
•  We also undertake trunky project of mineral water plants
•  Available in various size from 250 LPH to 50000 LPH


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